Try changing the vga cable or cheak you GPU if you had in your PC.If nothing is wrong then check the ram ,remove it and clean the edges with rubber.

My Hp monitor has been going to sleep when it shouldn't be. I can be in mid click and the status window in the middle of the screen pops up and tells me there is no input signal then it goes to sleep. The monitor will not turn back on unless I reboot the computer. Up until the other day the computer would turn back on, now it just beeps at me. It gives a series of beeps. Two single beeps than One long beep, it does this 9 times then nothing. The people at hp had me pull my ram cards out one at a time and start the computer but still it beeps.

Seems the problem is the mobo chip.
Either PCI circuitry or the North bridge.
Also check if there is any damaged capacitor.

Hope this helps.
Tech Manager, WPTinc.

hai if i removed cmos pc diplay will on and if i reinsert cmos diplay balck what i do ?

I can't get a display on my screen when I hook it up to my computer, but when I hook it up to my laptop it works with no problems... Can someone help with me with this issue please!

Is it a laptop or desktop you have no screen?
Most issues are the ram or the caps (if its a desktop) surrounding the gpu chip which store the power to it.
I have one now from a client, a dell mini tower with no signal but havn't felt like messing with it yet.

hello....friends! i am facing this simillar problem.
when i turned on my computer then there nothing appear in my monitor.
and then i hook out the pluug and plugg in the mother board it can get signal but keyboard looses signal then again i pluug the ware in AGP it worked!!!
but this time when i turn it off and i turned back on it showing the previous problem......
so plzzzz help me!!! i dont like to pluug out and replugg the ware all the time!!!! so help fast......

No Signal but only after 5-20 minutes of normal working. I've replaced PSU, thermal paste plus all of the above tips. Wondered if this delayed failure suggests heating.

I would suggest we check the Monitor cable.
Seems the computer is working.

Some simple steps to discharge and reset the computer:
Unplug the power cord to the computer, pressing the power button over 20 seconds do not let go, then connect the power cord and power on the computer again.

Hope this helps.
Tech Manager, WPTinc.

Thank you, Bill, not heard that one before. Tried it but still happening although it did wait until it completed all the steps and was back running my desktop.

Btw, I've noticee I get no beeps whatsoever at boot up whether it works or not, in case that means anything.

i checked the other boards and one was really loos, the one at the bottom of the tower, what ever it is, I hooked every thing up

damn! i have this problem now. :( i plan to replace its Videocard

I would have this issue where I would turn on my PC and everything would boot up fine, except no matter what monitor I used I would they would act like my computer was on sleep. All my lights came on so did my keyboard and mouse but no image. Well my GPU fan would come on but spin at full speed and never back down.............

I had a similar problem. My computer was turning on but i will note that my keyboard and mouse were not getting power, but my headset was. It would start up normally but nothing would show up on the moniter. Basically, what I ended up doing was unpluging the DESKTOP power source and moving it into a straight wall outlet. So try to change outlets. This fixed my problem. Just another option when all else fails.

CPU starts but monitor start but not desktop

CPU starts but monitor start but not desktop display ply help

I had this problem I plugged a second screen into the AVI plug than re pluged the dvi cabble in and it worked

There are so many things that this can be... start with the simple things .. check monitor on another computer or another monitor on your ocmputer just to be sure. If the monitor can be confirmed good then check the cords, check the ram to be sure it is not loose.. if none of this helps, then you have to move onto hardware issues. The only virus that can harm a computer is out of date far far behind us. There used to be a way the viruses would get into your bios settings and turn your settings up to make your computer run full speed until it burned something out, but that is a thing of the past. Don;t assume it is not the monitor becuase is worked yesterday... electronics are like lightbulbs - they work great until they don't.You glip the switch and nothing, Don;t be that guy that keeps flipping the switch and saying the light worked yesterday. I mean this as a compliment not a dig - the smarter a person is, the more they over think problems and forget to check the easy stuff.

Same problem with no signal motherboard seems to be the culprit but I would like to eliminate all possibilities before I go buying a new motherboard .

firstly change your vga cable......

buzzed,this thread is 7 years old ,we have to do a lot of reading to see what you problem might be talking about .
please start your own new thread and explain you issue

I am not able to see my Display after I power On my PC.

CPU and GPU fan seems to be working fine,

Changed the Rams, (3 Different rams)

Crosschecked the cables by connecting and disconnecting them,

Connected VGA to Graphics card - but still no luck

Removed Graphics card and connected VGA to inbuilt VGA port - but still no luck

I have 2 working hard disks, tried both but was of no use,

I can find the lights blinking for the Hard Disk as well as for the CPU.

Intel Core 2 Duo, DG31PR - Mother Board, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB hard disk Plus 250GB Hard Disk, AMD Graphics Card, Windows 8.1 OS

these are my observations...can some one help me out

Ghouse 1, I have similar specs and haven't figured out the problem with my video either.

first, check if your power supply has 3volts to power up your motherboard using volt meter. if it has, check your RAM if properly seated or clean your RAM with pencil eraser. if it doesnt, try to check your video card...clean with eraser and re-seat it. check your VGA for loose connection or simply check your monitor by connecting it to the other system unit....

I had a similar problem, my case the motherboard was dying

my cpu in beep sound 3 times or not show display i ram , dust clean , keyboard all experience follow but mot solve my problem so please my problem solve perfect answer give me fast

at first the monitor can't be turn on .. it cannot detect the HDD but when i am in bios setup , still it cannot detect the HDD even if its working
The monitor shows no signal?

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