I'm needing to get the bios (3.07) for an asus a7n8x-la mobo. anyone know where i can get this file, i have been searching everywhere! and also, if i can get it, how do you load that up ?

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Erm..... Pop open the Side of your Case and Look for the board model on the Board Itself, HP has a way of bending there words.
IF it comes to it. Contact HP for the Update.
Ill be back later. i got Telemarketers to kill


There is program called "Asus update". That will update your bios. It is on your mobo CD.

You can, also, take a look here. It's their ftp server (somewhat secret).
You can always contact Asus for the correct BIOS update. I did, and I've got BIOS that is not available for download anywhere.

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