Ok I have my second hard drive setup everything is running fine and seems to be perfect its a Western Digital 30 gig drive and I am trying to load most the stuff cluttering up my primary hard drive. The thing is when I start copying Files I get "Cannot Create or Replace 'file' : Data error(Cyclic Redundancy Check)" error. The thing is the files that I am copying to my secondary drive have been copied to my primary drive off of an external hard drive so I know the files will copy. What am I doing wrong? If anyone could possibly help me and end this headache I have had for the past few hours it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time

sounds like an error with your new hd. Is it connected properly? The new hd could be damaged or some kind of problem with the file system.. Is it a new hard drive? did you format it?

No it isn't a new hard drive and I did format it and properly hook it up but I guess my hd is just done for sadly to say :sad:

well don't be so sure.. It's really hard to troubleshoot something when you're not there... Maybe look on google for any1 who had similar problems or take it in to be tested..

It could be write permission or i might not be partitioned go to the control panel and go to the admin features and format the hard drive then re-partition it then turn of PC/laptop and boot into safe mode (normally f8) log in and change the write permissions and try that

hope that helps:lol:

The cyclic redundancy check is basically mathematics used to calculate that the data that you are transferring is ok. When data is transfered, it is usually in small blocks and each block is given a CRC value. If something goes wrong with the data between the time it leaves the source and arrives at its destination, the CRC sent at the source will no longer match the one that is calculated when the data arrives - this is when the cyclic redundancy check error will appear. If you get this message it means that your data is corrupted.

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