i will be getting a new PC soon and have been having some 'debates' with people as to whether to get dual Intel P4s or dual AMD opterons..

currently using P3, no doubt either will be better but the question is: which would you go for?

i'll be using the new set-up for making music so it's pretty harsh on the cpu hence the desire for 2 processors!

First off, you couldn't get dual P4's: you'd have to get Dual Xeons. A Xeon processor is 32-Bit, and an AMD Opteron processor is 64-Bit.

You're going to get outstanding performance from both machines, so this isn't really a debate between 'which is better' in terms of performance. The real debate is, how will each processor age: what will be better for you 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years down the road. If you're going to make a serious investment into this machine, and keeping this machine for a while, I'd reccomend getting the 64-Bit Opteron.

And, putting my moderator hat back on, here's a note to any potential person who replies: please do not start a flamewar between Intel and AMD.

It's not a 'flame war' Tekmaven, but it is pertinent to point out that testing indicates that the Opterons outperform their equivalent Xeon competitors quite dramatically! The choice should be quite a simple one on both fronts!

oops..yeah i did mean xeon, heheheh..can you tell i have no real idea about this :cry:

yeah, it's a serious investment so i want something that is going to still be doing it's thing in a few years time! and it seems AMD is the more widely recommended..just, always had intel so..well, i guess i know it, i trust it..

opteron it is then :)