My friend has an HP Pavilion ZT1000. The original problem was spyware and viruses (78 viruses: a recorded for any of the machines I've fixed). He is also complaning that the LCD screen goes blank when you move it every now and then. I have seen it do this. If you close the cover for a few seconds most of the time it comes back but other times ou have to shut it off and restart it. When it's running the screen looks great there are no bad pixel or anything. The machine is running XP Home. I have scaned for viruses and spyware multiple times. I use AVG from Grisoft. For spyware I have been using PestPatrol. any ideas? Is the LCD easy to replace in case the machine isn't warrantied by favorite company (sarcasm can't stand HP for personal reasons)? Could a virus do this? My main question is how do you fix this if HP doesn't? thanks

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I've never heard of a virus doing that to an LCD. From the sound of your problem, it seems more like an inernal LCD problem. HP will probably replace it...hopefully...and if not, I'd go for a Flatron!! WooT! God I want one of those. But really, it doesn't sound like a virus.

You might try vid card drivers too...certain systems have problems with fresh drivers...perhaps a roll back to generic drivers is in order. I dunno, I'm fishing here. Without actually seeing this problem, it's hard to tell. But that's what I'd investigate...the drivers first (which I'm sure you've already done) and then sending it off to HP. last thought. I've seen it where the power was causing this was on a toshiba satellite though so I don't know if it applies. However, the problem was that a small wire had broken loose from its solder inside the laptop. I fix0rd that thing up quick fast and in a hurry and my buddy was back up and running in no time. You might try checking the power connections and whatnot as well. *shrug* I don't have a ton of laptop experience...but I saw no one answering and felt obliged to at least give a collective conciousness to the thread. :)

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