Hey guys, newbie here, so pls bear with me :)
I have an HP Pavilion M703 about 3-4 years old. Lately it hs started playing up. It started by occasionally going quite dim, then returning back to normal...now instead of going dim it just fades to complete black. Computer in full mode, monitor light NOT in sleep mode. I have tried reconnecting all cords, checked the pins are not bent and even cleand the slot thingy the monitor cord goes into (sorry, don't know the technical name)
Is this my monitor or a video card problem?
Hope somone cane help me. If I don't reply for a while, i am without computer:'( . It feels like i have lost a limb.....

The best way to tell, is to see if you can get your hands on a 'borrowed', known working monitor and see if that works with your system!
Dont forget to use the good monitor cable, and power cable, that came with the 'borrowed' one and try these first! If you have success, swap the cables with your original ones and try again. Still working?
You now know that the old HP is toast!

Obviously, if you still have the same dilemma, then the issue may lie with the vid card or somewhere else, but i bet thats unlikely!

Good Luck :cool: