I am hoping someone will be able to help with this problem. I went to get on my computer this morning and noticed it was off, I went to power it up and nothing happened. Well I checked all of my cables and plugs and everything seemed fine so I unpluged the power source and plugged it back in. Then I pressed and held down the power button and the machine started to power up for about 3 sec. then shut down. Nothing came up on my monitor and it didnt get much past the power source powering up. I thought mabye I had a dying power source so I went and bought a new one. However even with a brand new power source the same thing occured, when I press the power button nothing happens but if unplug and replug the power source then press and hold the power button the machine starts to turn on but never gets going. If anyone had any ideas or could give me some advice that would be wonderfull.

Thank you in advance

Sorry to say it, but sounds like motherboard

I was worried about that, I am no computer genius and only know the basics on how to get around one so I figured with the knowledge this website has I would be able to find some awnsers. Any other thoughts or ideas would be very appreciative if anyone has any.

Thank you

I would take it to your local PC shop and have it checked. Don't use one of the big boys like PC W**** unless you bought it there and it is under warranty.

hi azclimber99,

do u hear any beeping sound on your system? upon turning on does your cpu fan rotates?
just try this one, remove u'r memory card from the motherboard, then clean the goldfingers of the memory card before putting it back..reply to this post .. after you do this..Tnx..