I am not able to play any sounds through current system ever since the install of Vista.

There is a little equalizer (sort of) in the system tray that says music is playing, but it will not play on the speakers. The speakers work fine.

Any ideas?

check for the drivers for ur soundcard whether they are working or u need installing them. shud be able to get the drivers from the utility disk that you would have received with the pc. It could be that the drivers are not compatible with vista then ur best shot would be to go to the manufacturer's website and download the compatible drivers mate. Hope that ll help you.

good luck


I tried that already...i really want to go back to XP, but I am not able to install XP on it either....Vista looks nice, but SUCKS!

yes vista sucks.

What sort of computer are you using? The drivers for XP are probably not the same as the ones you will need for vista. I am assuming that you are using onboard sound so i think you have 2 options.

1. Find out what sort of computer you have and download the vista Drivers for your machine from the manufacturers website.

2. Buy a cheap PCI sound card that works with vista and install that.

Good luck

hi blkout,

try to use a usb sound controller it works in 98, xp, and i don't know other OS haven't tried, it's plug and play don't need a driver, i agree with lasher maybe your sound driver is having some problem with vista, if you want to go back to xp you can do it but you'll need some software, i have one it's called disk editor.. try searching on the web for this kind of file.. hope this help..

Note: If your sound card is on-board (and it probably is), then downloading and installing Vista drivers for your motherboard (whole bunch) from your motherboard manufacturer's site, not NVIDIA or whatever chipset site, would solve your sound problem. Sound drivers may be downloadable separately.

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