Hi - I'm new to this and also I'm over sixty, so I'm a bit slow. I have just bought a Logitech USB webcam with embedded microphone.
Immediately I plug in the cam a get intermittent sound problems: these can happen in any application, such as mp3 playback with Windows and Nero Mediaplayers (creaking/groaning sounds) to basic computer games (loud noises like rushing water). They also happen if I turn up the volume from the icon in the taskbar. My question is, is this a sound card issue, as the webcam is new and I was having similar problems with an independent microphone plugged directly into the motherboard.

I think by "mic" u mean speakers?
I don't know exactly what the problem is but it could simply be that ur volume is too high on the computer but too low on ur speaker(does ur speaker has volume control?) try lowering the computer volume output and turning up the volume on the speaker, and if that doesn't work try the other way
sorry if I completely misunderstood u, in that case if u can clarify it to me I may be able to help

Hi - no it is the speakers and microphone that prompts the problem thru the speakers. The issue is somehow connected to the broadband hub but I cannot solve it at all.