Dani... just so I can print out the topic, and post it on my wall... just post what you baught at the Mac store on Monday..

An Apple G5 ...
Dual 2 Ghz
2 gigs DDR 400 SDRAM (PC3200)
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
Apple Cinema HD Display (23" flat panel)
SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW)
(currently own harman/kardon SoundSticks)

The G5 is backordered but the 23" widescreen came and is currently hooked up to my Windows machine for the time being - I'm loving it!

hehe thanks ... I'm looking forward to it. I was hoping it would come before school starts, but it doesn't seem that way.

i wish i could afford a 23 inch LCD :sad: let alone another computer. i spend too much money on my car.

I'm contimplating breaking into Dani's house, and steeling her monitor.

That may be hard, considering she sleeps 5 feet away from it, but I sure can imagen it :-).

Congrats to at least being able to say that you're waiting for it... Now just add Panther to it, and you will be in nerd-heaven. Trust me on that - and you will regain renewed joy for your Design Concepts keyboard with Panther.

Yes, you will!!!


so how many computers do you have now? :)

Yeah would be nice when they start to ship, ordered our dual a few weeks to a month ago, should fly with our gb ethernet on our xraid, not that our others don't already but newer technology is always faster.

so how many computers do you have now? :)

P4 WinXP
P4 Linux
PIII laptop Win98 (don't really use anymore)
G5 coming soon

wow that is alot of computer for one person. :) i wish i had one of them besides my laptop.

just curious but when do the G5's start to ship.

The single-processor G5s went out in early September. The dual 2ghz models started going out in late September. I just got mine a few days ago.

One Question. How do you do it? Amazing! I thought I was doing kinda good, but Dang, I have computer envy.

Hehehe! :)

i think everyone has computer envy of dani :) . its jst not fair cause all i have is a laptop. :(