I'm new to this web so I would like to say hi to everyone! Okay so maybe the problem with my laptop is minimal but since I'm not much of an computer expert here goes-

My Dell Inspiron is a old little (Okay...not little) laptop, it's over 6 years old and it has already survived a couple of random shut downs and blue screens, the thing is even if the machine has its battery 100 percent full, the light that indicates that it has a critically low battery keeps flashing and it has been doing that for two days already.

Okay so...I left the laptop two days ago almost without any battery power so I plug it to its adapter...the battery charged but the little button still keeps flashing! It flashes 5 times orange and then one green and it repeats this circle over and over again.

Hope someone can help me, thanks for your time!

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The battery needs to be replaced. It is 6 years old and it is a miracle that it served you this long. Batteries can not be recharged indefinitely. They have life-span well under 6 years.

Unless, you mean that it flashes WHILE the adapter is plugged in...That would mean that you have faulty adapter/jack/charging circuitry.


hi yamikin, chaky is right you need to replace your battery, and your so lucky enough that your battery served you for such a period of time..

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