I've got a Sony Vaio PCG-GRT270 which died on me. It's out of warranty. I'm not a geek, just a user but am willing to try to fix this. The screen just went blank and when I tried to reboot it the first time - it went on to a blue screen with some error message which I didn't catch 'coz it blacked out on me again. Now, when I turn it on - the screen is just black and I see a faint gray cursor blinking on the upper left hand corner. The light on the hard drive isn't on and the only light on is the power. I could hear something but not a spinning sound. I've tried taking out the RAM on the 2nd slot but it didn't work. Is this even worth working on or should I just toss it out. It's too big for a paperweight.


hi, you did a right a thing to try to suspect the memory card, much better if you should try another memory card, but you said it displayed a blue screen, before it black out on you again, can you try to boot to CMOS, if you can get through then it could be a software problem, check out your HDD, try to install a fresh OS