I bought a new SATA Hard Drive, and I want it to be secondary to my first hard drive. After I connected the device to my computer, how do I install it so I could see it in the "My Computer" folder? I'm also having problems setting it up on the Bios.

Shut the computer off.

Just place your new sata hard drive in any of the sata sockets/slots on the motherboard. Attach the power and sata cables to the drive.

Restart your computer. Enter your BIOS setup.

Set your first hard drive (boot drive) as first boot in the bios.

Next procedure go to this link: http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=1778&page=9

Thx fren, that link was extremely helpful, im now on my way to having my secondary SATA drive up n runnin :o)

hey fren.. u seem to be knowing quite a lot about motherboard n stuff.. could u please let me know some websites wherein i can find some information about all these..
thanks in advance

Akuma Gekido: glad you liked it.

shyam_etrx: just google and you will find several helpul sites.

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