I use the Xbox 360 go play live, tho i do use a wireless connection and i feel i sometimes get connection errors because of this. I use a Wireless-G Broadband Router
and connected to my xbox is a WGA54G Wireless-G Game Adapter. Im currently on a 4Mb internet speed, if i upgraded to 20Mb would it affect the speed of wireless? or because of the technology/hardware im using it wouldnt really mater?

Thanks in advance,


In my opinion I would say upgrading to 20Mb would be better because it would increase the speed of the wireless which should make you have better ping and gameplay. I play online games with my PC and I find my ping to be lower when my connection is around 54Mb. It could also be how close your Xbox is to your router, the farther away and how many walls are inbetween the connection could affect the speed also.

Wirless wont go above 54mbps if its G.

20mb is overkill. 8mb is about the max a gamer would ever need

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