I was in my documents and started clikcing the mouse well now when I click the left button a sub menu pops up, instead of opening a programing or double clicking it open the menu with arrange by, properties,new,etc

Please help me I can't do anything right now my right button doesnt do anything.

Are you sure the right button doesn't do anything? Try pointing at an icon and clicking on it. (Sometimes the buttons get switched.)

If it's not doing anything, then try unplugging the mouse and plugging it back in.

If it's simply swapped, go to control panel. (Use CTRL + ESC to open the start menu, and the arrow keys to navigate. To select something, use ENTER. In control panel, the same keys work, but you may have to press TAB to get down to where the icons are.) In control panel, look under Mouse properties, and select the proper orientation. Tab down to "Apply" and try the mouse. If that doesn't work, tab up and select (use space) the wrong orientation. Hit "Apply" again and try the mouse. The buttons should work backwards. Select the right orientation, and go to apply. When done, use OK to exit the dialogue. (Exact locations of items in Windows vary due to version.)

have you tried checking your mouse setting in control panel?

Sounds like it's set up left handed or something like that.


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