The scanner actually is working, but when I press the button, it doesnt do anything except just stay powered. It is a HP PrecisionScan, ScanJet 4200C. I downloaded the update to make it work while using XP, then i restarted and it still doesnt work. It used to work with XP for some reason, then about a week ago I unplugged it from the USB on the computer and now when i re-plugged it in, it powers up, but doesnt do anything when you try to scan. I'm not sure but isn't there a way to re-install USB drivers, because I think thats what i had to do for my webcam because the other USB driver died or something.

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I just tried to do the software update again, and it worked but still has no effect. Oh yea it deleted seven icons from my desktop also, lol. Doesnt matter it was just 7 folders of stuff i didnt need anyway.

So, you tried this driver?

Can you see the scanner in Device Manager? Click on Start, right click on My Computer, then choose Properties... . Click on the Hardware tab, then click on Device Manager. Look for any ?'s or !'s that you see. Or, check for the scanner under Imaging Devices. Do you at least see the scanner device? If you do, then you've at least narrowed it down to perhaps an application issue.

What error messages do you get when you try to scan?

I get no error messages at all, it just doesn't do anything. I checked out device manager earlier and it said it was working properly, i'll try that link you sent.

Nope, still same thing. Nothing happens even with the update. I'll try the other USB port but anyone have other opinions?

-I just unplugged my Kodak DVC325 webcam, and now the computer doesnt detect it, both the scanner and camera were made for Windows 98, but I have drivers for both. Something must be wrong with the USB.

Reinstalling your motherboard drivers should fix any USB driver problems. What is the make/model of your computer, or preferably the make/model of your motherboard?

Not sure about the motherboard, its a Dell XPS T600 though. I could've sworn though one time I reinstalled USB drivers through some web site.

That website was probably the Support section of Dell's website

For now, though, you could try right-clicking 'My Computer' and choosing 'Properties'.

Select 'Hardware' -> 'Device Manager', then right-click each of the entries in the 'USB controllers' section and choose 'Uninstall'.

Reboot your system and allow Windows XP to detect and reinstall the devices, to see if that corrects your problems.

If it doesn't, download your system drivers from Dell and install them again.

Nevermind I got it, thanks though :)

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