Basically: 2005 Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop. Works fine, but the monitor suddenly stopped coming on while booting a few weeks ago. After tinkering with the Power Save modes, I was able to get it back up and running.

Few weeks later: monitor comes on when initially booting, but shuts off as XP loads. Multiple reboots will occasionally fix the problem...but usually not.

Took it to my tech guy and he suggested it was a hardware problem with the monitor...however (with some tinkering I did today) I found that the monitor will ALWAYS stay on if I:

1) Put it into Safe Mode
2) Immediately Press F2 (taking me to the system info screen) when I turn on the computer. And then clicking "Exit" to load XP normally.

Thoughts? Ideas? I'm guessing this would point more towards it being a software/driver issue rather than hardware...

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I am having the same problem...all of a sudden it shut down right after the Windows XP logon. I connected an external monitor and it displays the laptop info fine. Intermittently the laptop LCD will display and sometimes it only dims as if I am looking through a tinted window. I need HELP. Thought it was the video card but obviously if the display is showing up on teh external it isn't that. Could it be the backlight?

desperately needing light


I'm with Dell's online outreach program. I saw your post and thought I'd stop by to see if I can be of help.

When you were checking the power settings did you try to download the newest driver for that system from our support site, ? If you pull up that site there is a link for drivers and downloads and you can use your service tag (located on a sticker attached to the bottom of the system) to filter the downloads so you only get those appropriate for your model.

It's possible that the driver has been corrupted and isn't loading correctly. That would be my first suggestion to try, if you haven't.

It's also possible that the LCD cable in the system isn't seated correctly, but I'm not sure that is the cause. You can also take a look at the user manuals on our support site to see how to replace LCDs on that system, and it will show you how to access the LCD display cable. You can check it to make sure it's fully connected.

Let me know if any of this helps, or if you have any other questions. I'll stop back later to see if I can help further.

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Thank you. I have not tried downloading a new driver since I suspected that it wasn't the driver since everything displayed fine when using an external monitor. However I will try that. I did check the wire seating for the LCD when I was looking for the back light. Seemed to be fine. I was checking for the backlight because I read a couple on inputs on teh dell site that the backlight might be the culprit. That is a little beyond my expertise though. The next update is since I posted, it seemed to be working OK except for the fact when it first comes out of "sleep mode" back to the actual password logon page, it appears a little pinkish but stays on. However just the other day I was going to move the laptop to another room and immediately upon unplugging the power cord from the back of the laptop, it went black. Probably not the smartest thing to do considering it was still plugged into the wall. However after letting it "rest" in sleep mode overnight it came back again with the pinkish tint and then finally back to normal. I have noticed some flickering of the screen as well when it comes back. Any other thoughts. I will let you know how the driver thing works out tonight.


The backlight is just sort of what it sounds like, it lights up the screen from the back. If the amount of light is dim, but you can still see the data on the screen like it's not "projecting" that would be the backlight. Not sure if I'm explaining it well or not. Imagine a 60-watt light bulb that is only producing 10-watt.

If you would like, email me the service tag of that system (found on a sticker attached to the bottom of the notebook) and I'll take a look at the components and see what I can do to help, if anything. You can reach me via email at Please include my first name (Todd) in the subject line of the message and reference this thread in the body of the email so I can make sure I'm looking at the right issue.

I don't think that the driver is going to do anything, to be honest, but it's something that really can't hurt. It sounds like the LCD is physically failing and having issues when turning on.

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I also have the similar problem with Inspiron 6000. when I press power on button power on LED comes and goes off in few seconds. Nothing comes up on the display. When I took it to service center they are telling it could be a problem with mother board. Please help.

Thanks & regards


I am having the same issue. re-installed driver and also restored to factory default....did not fix. Thought it was the video card but obviously if the display is showing up on an external monitor it isn't that. PLEASE HELP...this laptop is my life

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