As requested by crunchie I am posting this as a new thread.
Have an XP computer that is continually displaying
C:\windows\system32\append.dll is not a valid Windows image.

Crunchie has suggested I run SDFix.exe and also Highjackthis.
I have run Spybot on this computer and also doing full virus scan right now which will take some hours to run.

In the meantime as I have never used highjackthis - can you please advise the steps I need to go through with SDFix and HighJackTHis please ?

Many thanks

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Hey richardtate,

I ended up reformatting yesterday, so I was unable to remove the problem virus/malware through any other means. Sorry I can't offer more help than that.

I also wasn't able to to find much about this issue on the web, which is unlike all the problems I've had in the past. The couple of sites that I did find where the "services.exe and lsass.exe - Bad Image" problem was discussed offered only reformatting as a solution. Hopefully, crunchies' advice will get this resolved for you short of that.

Good luck!

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