For the past week or so I have been getting the same stupid pop-up whenever i log onto Windows XP...[/B]"can't load admdll.dll"[/B] ! I looked on the net already and have come to the conclusion it was a virus and went into the registry and took out some Radmin directory a site said was the culprit! I also downloaded Regcleaner and got rid of any junk it found on my computer! My Iolo antivirus can't find any virus or sypware on my computer so I am lost as to what to do next! I just hope I don't have to format my hard drive as I read somebody had to do on here! Anybody out there please help...I am not scared to try anything on here but spending the last 2 weeks scrambling my brain trying to find something to fix this popup is too much lol...thanks and I appreciate any comments or concern from anybody out there!


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