Hello and thanks to everyone who has kindly responded to my questions and even more thank you to those responsible for creating and maintaining this website.

My daughter has a Gateway Laptop about 2 years old running Windows XP for home. Recently the screen dimmed to the point that only it when it is illuminated by bright light can you even see anything on the screen. It does seem as if the processor in the laptop is still running fine. I have tried all the dials and buttons that are on the laptop that have anything to do with screen illumination but nothiong has changed.

As an added note in a transparent attempt at eliciting enough sympathy to solve my problem,,,,....it is her thirteenth b'day today . When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she told me that fixing her laptop would be the best present.

I have tried contacting Gateway and they were incredibly unhelpful stealing and even improving a play in the Microsoft playbook which is--complete disdain at the concept of customer service.

Thanks again,

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Thanks, thought of back light but I'm not sure what an inverter is,

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