Hi there,

I'm hoping someone can help me figure out how to get rid of a spyware program that is redirecting my homepage. Every time I open internet explorer, it redirects to the following link:

http ://296f8.ilxt.info/index.php?aid=543

I'd really appreciate any input on how to remove this program.

Thank you!

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OK, first thing, don't use Internet Explorer. IE has one valid use, that is to check how any web site you are working on will appear to those who do not know any better and are still using it. To that end click on tools-> internet options-> advanced. There is a large list of checkbox items in here. One of these is "use 3rd party extentions". Usually this is somewhere around the bottom of what you see before you scroll the list down any. Un-check it. This doesn't remove any adware/spyware from your computer but it does prevent a lot of it from effecting IE. You should also try scanning your computer with AdAware and SpyBot. Those are a couple of pretty good ad/spyware removers. Hope this all helps, and remember: IE is only for testing. For all casual browsing use something else. It's your choice but I am partial to FireFox.

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