I don't really think I am in the right place to ask this, as I'm not a professional in the IT industry or anything, but I have looked everywhere I can think of on the internet for help with my computer.

Long story short, I think I have a virus but I don't know what to do about it! I downloaded AVG but scanning my computer with that finds nothing except Spyware and tracker warnings (I'm so useless I don't even know what they are...but as far as I'm aware they are not dangerous?).

The problem started when using MSN, I kept getting messages from friends that were just links, usually .info and when I clicked on them Firefox opened up but nothing came up. When they thought they had a virus, they both disconnected their reconnected their ethernet cables and re-established the connections to the university network, and had no problems since. However - even when one friend's computer was offline as mentioned, MSN showed her signed in and sending me messages!

I thought this may have been some kind of worm, but like I say I can't find anything, or I don't know how to properly look! Since then MSN has stopped working, and unless I use Firefox, all links on websites take forever to even be 'clickable' but usually my computer hangs and I have to restart IE over again. Before then my internet connection was brilliant, really fast and I had couldn't complain at all but now it's a nightmare!

Please help me!! Like I say I'm really sorry to ask, I know I sound like such a noob! Any advice you might have for me I would REALLY appreciate though!!

Thanks, Hope.

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try spybot search and destroy, and clamwin
you could also try to do a system restore to the point before you think you got a virus. have you also tried to reboot your computer.

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