Ok, i went through this problem a while ago, my avg pro did not install correctly bacause the pc crashed during install... go figure, i needed to uninstall it and reinstall it... this was a pain

so i just wanted to say, never try to uninstall an antivirus... unless your in safe mode... or the program will be back after a restart, and with mine, the uninstaller dissapeared, i had to get a specialized removal tool for it...

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Even I had somewhat similar problems, it was annoying I was not able uninstall or even install a new copy of AVG


i know, and when i did it, the worst part was figuring out i had to do it in safe mode :P cause the stupid services were on, but i didnt try the tools, i did look, couldnt find em

ive had this problem with mc-afee and norton as well, i think its to stop a virus from deleting them


I know norton and mcafee tools work in normal mode with no problem. I have used them many times at my job. AVG i have only used once and worked in normal mode no problem. I know sometimes with norton i have to use windows installer cleanup utility to remove it from the add/remove programs list. That doesn't happen to often though

As for finding them. google (software name) removal tool.

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