I am not sure which section this would go in but this seems the most relevant...

I have a pretty simple network, consisting of a Domain Controller (Server 03 Enteprise) and some workstations, I want to deploy an anti-virus such as AVG Free or Avast Free so when the user logs into the workstation the program will install and configure without no end user input...

I have done a bit of research but cannot find any guides based around my situation..

Is this possible? How would I go around this?

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Antony B.

Not sure if it will work the users will need administrator privileges on their account for the program to install and they would at least have to pres the next next next stuff during the install unless you went with an enterprise solution like symantec that pushes the install out to the workstation on the network

I could deal with the user needing administrator privileges, but I would prefer the no input of the end user... What is the best way to do this?



1st of all - it is totally illegal to use thore free AV products in a corporate environment, they are for home use only
2nd: corporate AV products are available with their own network deployment options
3rd: it is possible to deploy software using GPO, if the installer is in .msi format. Another option is to add the installer script to the login script of the users.
4th: check out additional deployment software, such as Altiris - there are different ways for everything

Thanks for bringing that to my attention, so would something like a corporate version of Kaspersky do the job?

I will do some research on scripts, I have heard of doing it through Group Policy's so I will define my research...

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Kaspersky will work you may need to play around with the silent install command. The .key file must be in the same directory as the .msi. If you use kaspersky. Create a .cmd file with this

kav6.0.0.300en.msi /qn /norestart
tskill avp

Kaspersky Business Space Security Download

So corporate will have the .MSI endpoint client... okay will you have to play around with the .MSI and a script for it to run silently then?