VIRUS ALERT! is in my taskbar my desktop has gone white and loadsa icons for different removal rpograms appaeared wich i deleted. Im scanning with AVG and its not finding anything as of yet.

Ive managed to download and install Malwarbytes anti malware but the update is taking forever and progress is still at 0.

Its also stopped me from accessing the Task Manager and has deleted the links on the start menu!!

What can i do !!??

Stop the updates. Close the program. Re-open the program. Try again using a different source for updates. You can find that by clicking the arrow on that main update page and it will give you other sites for updates.

That's a virus, Try scanning your PC. Use NOD32 or something similar.

"Virus alert" is a name of a weird al song so I always look at boards that say Virus alert. It sounds like you picked something up on the net. I would reccomend running your anti-virus and if that does not discover anything post a hijack this log and a silentrunners log