A few days ago I got a strange message from a friend of mine about a video of me on Facebook. I clicked on the link and it said my java was out of date. I wasn't able to see any video and I didn't really think anything about it until I read a story about it on Drudge. I did virus scans and can't seem to find anything.

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This is a virus that passes around through social networking sites, usually the way you described. Once it gets on the system then it looks for cookies on the computer related to sites like that and changes them to add malicious sites to the users profile. As far as I know the normal way to remove worms is what is supposed to remove this. I couldn't find any special instructions anyway.
Since you have a concern that you may have this on the system them I would follow the steps given HERE with the exception of the Deckard Scanner instruction as it isn't available. But do the other steps, especially the ESET Online Scanner and the MBA-M program.
Complete the steps with a Full System scan with HiJackThis
and post the logs here. We can take a look.

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