My computer will start up fine but then i will lose sound and my device automatically disappears and there is no device found.

also it starts with the windows xp theme, but it later changes to dark grey like an older version of windows.

and all my programs like avg or ad-aware or any program that needs to connect to the internet to find updates will not connect. i am able to go online on firefox and use the browser, even though i have problems most of the time because it only will connect one window and when i try to start a new tab or click a link to start in a new tab it will not connect to the internet.

i have run aft and i have hijackthis installed but when i went to do the rest of the steps on the pages that tells you what to do before posting, it would not let me connect to the pages to start the downloads. i also unhid all files.

please i would really appreciate any help i don't know much but i am very good and it's very easy for me to follow step by step instructions.