:( Please help...everytime i go to enter into a link on a website, my IE sticks then stops responding.I am able to search but not enter in on links(such as in an email, or anything....)i have ran many virus scans tried to change setting, ran adware removal, registry mechanic...everything else seems to require a payment...if anyone can help me, let me know...thank you :D

Hi there; welcome to DaniWeb. :)

Please give us some background info concerning the problem (when it started happening, if you made any changes to your system at or around the time problem first occured, what version of Windows you're using, etc.) and also give us as much detail as possible about your network/Internet setup

Once we have more specific details to work with, I'm sure we can definitely help you out.


:?: ok.bear with me, i am not so great with computer info....i am operating under windows xp.i have internet explorer 6.0.i am under a cable isp.the problem started slow, then after 2 days it got bad.it first began when i went to open a link a good friend sent me in an email...it stuck and i t stopped respondidng...then when i went to uproar games and i was able to load in site, but not link to games.i got a microsoft error and did everything it stated from virus scan to adware removal....and nothing worked....i did all updates.then now its almost impossible to go anywhere on interrnet that deals with links......i am nervous to change browsers.i am use to ie.if you need more info let me know

It sounds as if you've gotten some type of virus, so I've moved your thread to the appropriate forum (for the time being anyway).

Get HijackThis from here:
http://www.malwareremoval.com/downloads.html (look for the link to the selfextracting version in line #2)

Close all browser windows, 'Scan and Save Log' with hijackthis, copy and paste the log here.

As for an alternative browser, it is highly recommended you do so, and most of the more popular ones are similar enough to IE that you shouldn't have too much trouble getting used to them. You can search around here at DaniWeb for opinions and recommendations to help you decide for yourself, but Firefox (http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/) seems to be the most popular choice.

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