Hello everyone
i am running a pc with win2k

i am on cable broadband and on a home network all the other pc's in the house are fine til mine goes mad

with the pc booted up and not running any internet software my pc (at no given time sometimes i it starts straigt away other times i can surf and chat for a couple of hours) my pc slows down
when i look at my network connection the pc is sending about 200k a second on transmit and almost nothing on recieve making web pages not load and stopping all the other pc's in the house using the net aswell

i have run
microsoft adaware
system mechanic

all with out any luck of finding any nasties
i am convinced it must be some kind of adaware

can anyone please help or suggest a way in which i can find out what is going on

at present i am logged on and have been for 15 mins with out a problem but maybe in a min or hour it will start transmitting again


a little sherepish shorn

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Thanks for that
i have had a look at task manager b4 but not really sure f all the processes
at the moment she is behaving herself
but as soon as she goes nuts i will cut n paste task manager and TCPView on here to see if you have any ideas

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Go to this web site and download hijack this.


You might want to run disk cleanup and defrag after you get rid of that spyware.

If you decide to post an HijackThis log, please do so in the Virus forum (not in this thread).


thanks for the replies
i now have a couple of things to do when it plays up again
but as tipickle of pc's it has been running ok now for 2 days without a problem
hope it is all cured
but if it is i will open a bew thread and paste in my task manager and tcpview
thanks again for the help

gonna close this thread now

a little sheepish shorn


Hi everyone
its back again
i have found out that there is one mstask running in task manager
but if i use TCPView there are hundreds of versions running all red and transmitting
i have run all sorts of spyware and adaware and anti virus but still the problem comes back
i have found it i disable my conection for a couple of mins and start it again this rectifies the problem

hope someone can enlighten me

a little sheepish shorn


Hi again, In TCPVIEW it shows hundreds of SYSTEM8 and WLNTFS.exe668.

Please help.

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