3 months ago I installed a mobile wireless broadband modem (usb port) and started getting "generic host services for win32 services" error message linked to SVCHost.exe. My internet connection drops, I cannot reconnect until i reboot. The error seems random but occurrs after 5 to 25 minutes online. The frustrating thing is I fixed this 2 months ago after browsing the internet and trying many 'solutions' including installing a program that closed off various ports, modifying the registry, downloading and installing a 350MB windows SP3. I really dont want to spend another day trying all those solutions again, but one did work It seems a common problem..I'm here because it has been suggested this is a trojan or virus. I use AVG Free and Adware - anyone help with this?
I should have said, I had to do a system restore (winxp) to a time prior to fixing the svchost.exe problem and lost the fix!! Help!

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OK, this is fixed i think - been browsing for 2 hrs now with no problem. Fix was the SP3 service pack - not the way i originally fixed it i'm certain, cause no way did i download a 300MB+ file over my wireless modem. Oh well, fixed is fixed...

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