I'm unable to download mbam-rules.exe, the updates file for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. (I have some sort of virus that is preventing me accessing anti-virus websites and need the updates to remove it.)

It would be a great help if someone would download it for me (link below) and forward it to me.

Unfortunately, the file is a few mb's, which is beyond Daniweb message limits. So if someone is able to do this for me, let me know and I will pm you an e-mail address where I can receive the file.

Much appreciated.




I have uploaded into a public file on my skydrive the tools you will need. before you use any of them, do the on line scan, just copy the url and paste it in your browser, that is the first step to recovery, then be sure after that is done, to be in safe mode with networking and run the mb, "malewarebytes" but read instructions first!!! Here is the link,,,

no spaces in the link,, or goto
look for folders on skydrive and then go into the "Virus Help" folder,,, Hope this helps!!:)

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