Please help! My son has a Trojan virus on his computer. It WILL NOT allow connection to the internet. I don't know what to do. This trojan keeps popping up called the'32.dripper' and it's requesting payment in order to remove it. It will not allow me to pull up the TASK MANAGER. Is there a way to go to the Control Panel to remove this evil thing? Thanks for your help.

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You need a boot disk that will allow you to remove the virus. You can download a copy of the Ultimate boot CD for windows from my server at


Download the file and then burn it to a CD and bott from the CD on your son's system. Or if you are not sure if you should trust me the google Ultimate Boot CD for windows and download the disk creation software.


you could also try a system restore, or if it was backed up, you could restore from the backup.
A boot cd as mentioned above is also a good idea. If all else fails, you'll have to nuke the system and reinstall your OS.


If all else fails, you'll have to nuke the system and reinstall your OS.

Indeed - but let's remember that "all else" encompasses a whole lot of options and reinstalling OS is not always a practical option if the user does not have a copy of the OS.....

Frankly, I'd start by transferring MBAM to the ill compy via a flash drive or CD and running that.........

Cheers :)

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