Hey guys, like the title says, I have an infestation of this WIn32 Virut Virus, In the last 5 days i've done for fresh reformattong the hard-drive and re-installing windows 7.
After i'm done installing my drivers, next after that i install AVG 9free, And what do you know it detects over 80 win32 virut viruses. Majority of them are in the system32 folder, And to be sure i tried NOd32 4.42 and latest update, but with nod32 its even worst, It discovers over 150 of them, And with nod32 in deletes it and the whole system would just freeze, and only way is turn it off, but when i do try log back on, i can't cause it'll just stay stuck on the log on screen with pop up messages telling me so and so system file could not be found la did dadada. Then my only choice is fresh install and format. Guys what i don't get is how does it keep coming back after i do this. I HELP FAST. I just want to tel you guys also, that i use a portable hard drive that i've backup all my driver files and programs to, And always do my reinstall from that, But 've scanned my Portable hard drive tens of times, and no detection,, to make sure i've tried scanning with AVG, NOD32, BULLGUARD, AVANT, A SQUARED, and no detection on the porable, Omly in the system itself, So if you guys can please help get rid of this once and for all it would be great thank you.
My spec is, ASUS M51Sn laptop
Intel Core2Duo T9300
And i've read in some places that you can't get rid of it unless you format and install, and some say you can fix it with a little bit of work. And my stress is that i have reformatted and installed, FOUR TIME'S OVER........aaaaaAAAAAHHHHHHH help, help,help.
I use my laptop for work, so the sooner i fix this the better

Guys if you could, my email is <snip> if you could contact me thru that it'll be much appreciated, cause my wotk comp, is blocked to forum sights, So email is only option during the day.

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Virut requires a reformat, as you say. Are you doing a quick format or full format? I would not be doing the quick format.
Somehow or other you are re-infecting yourself from an infected file somewhere.
Stay disconnected from the net when you do the install and then install the AV before anything else. Run a full scan and see what comes up.
What happens when you install from the W7 CD?

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