About a week ago, i doenloaded the free Microsoft Security Essentials as a protection for my computer. I had a Norton Antivirus before that, and it used to find 20-30 threats per day...Since I installed this new antivirus from the microsoft website, its been a week and no threats detected till now.. I'm just a little bit curious....any suggestion...any one here using the anivirus from Microsoft? how good is it???
thanks a lot :)

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Choice is yours but it isn't one of the top of the line as far as rankings.
Avira Free is #2, the first one I am not familiar with so I can't comment on that one. I use Avira Free, have for a number of years and am very pleased with it. Latest version was just released last week.

But, you also shouldn't be getting 20-30 threats per day either if you are following safe surfing practices. That is an extraordinary number.

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