awome, no more error.. thnx crunchie for the fix

How about the mods locking this thread if the OP's problem is fixed??


This thread has been "piggybacked" so many times that it's difficult to determine just whose problems have been solved, but to avoid more confusion I'll close this one.

*** Note to anyone who may have a problem similar to any posted here:

Please do not tag your question on to a pre-existing thread, regardless of how similar your problem may appear. Start your own thread, stating your particular problem and giving us as much specific information as possible concerning that problem. If the problem involves hijackthis logs, spyware, viruses, etc., please post your question here in the security forum.

Also, please read through the suggestions offered in previous posts before you post your own question; chances are very good that you'll find solutions to your problems have already been given in those threads.



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