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Many new members have been attracted to our site, presumably as the result of a Google search for bridge.dll, showing up on their PCs at startup.


Before posting an HJT log, just run a scan with HiJackThis and look for this line:

O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [RunDLL] rundll32.exe "C:\WINDOWS\system32\bridge.dll",Load

Place a check in the box to the left of that, and see if it doesn't fix your issue.
If the entry is also in the 02 line of the hijackthis log, you may need to go to C:\WINDOWS\system32 & delete the file manually as well. At the least, go there to see if it is still there.


BEFORE POSTING A HiJackThis LOG, PLEASE REVIEW THE FOLLOWING LINK: Link no longer valid-- try the link below:

Click to close that popup that comes up, and there's information then.

Bridge.dll is related to WinFavorites, which apparently is spyware. The above link tells you exactly what to do to resolve the issue. If this doesn't fix your problem, THEN AND ONLY THEN should you ask for help. Also, you should only post an HJT log if asked for one.

HiJackThis is an excellent tool, but only in the hands of a user skilled enough to interpret the results. It is unfair just to post an HJT log and basically say, "fix it!". These posts don't contribute anything to the community we're trying to build here, and it indicates a lack of initiative on the part of the original poster, basically showing that the user isn't interested in learning anything, only having their problem fixed. That's not the type of user we want to foster here...

So, before posting an HJT log about bridge.dll, please follow the above link. In case you missed it, here it is again: no longer valid-- try the link below:

--The TechTalkForums staff