hello i'm running windows xp sp3. i goi the avsoft virus a few days ago.. i ran malwarebytes, superantispyware hunter, spy bot, vipre, spyware hunter..and cleaned out the reg... the virus looks like its gone but now my pc freeze during start up. I've tried everything i dunno what the next plan of attack should be for this if some one could help that would be sweet.( i hate having to operate on safe mode)

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Hello, sorry it has taken you so long to receive a reply. Two things about your post give me cause for concern, 1st is the use of spyware hunter not a highly recommended program and their own home website has a very poor reputation.
My second concern is your statement,

..and cleaned out the reg

. HOW did you clean out the registry? Manually or some kind of registry program? Did you make a registry backup before doing this? How did you know what to remove? The Malwarebytes' program certainly would have removed the infected registry entries, you shouldn't have had to do anything manually or, used a registry cleaner, which are NEVER recommended.
I am quite concerned with that especially since now you are having start up freezes. It sounds as if there may have been either some registry entries removed or altered which should not have been OR some key system files removed or altered during all of this.
I really need to see the logs from the programs you ran, especially the Malwarebytes' log. This one is key. It should show exactly what was removed and all of its locations.
If the only way you can operate is safe mode then continue this of course until we can get this worked out. Can you post back here with the logs from those programs you ran and I will try to determine what your next steps may be.