I was infected by Mabezat virus/worm.
I have managed to remove infection and have succeeded. However it have left my firewall and Automatic update disabled. It have also removed searchbox (See attached Image).

Please suggest the way out. I cannot even Install Comodo firewall:(

I have it. The Computer isn't infected but lame as you can see.
I need a way to fix that!

The only way to receive assistance here is to follow all the steps given here
in exactly the order given. When all scans are complete then post back here with a copy/paste of all the requested logs. Then we will better be able to offer assistance.

From personal experience, the best thing to do when your pc has been hit by a virus or worm is to reinstall windows (preferably format the HDD), load a AV, update it and run a full scan. If you can not format the HDD, DO NOT access any file on the HDD until the AV is installed and updated. You could also try repairing the windows installation, (you said you had removed the infection).

All I need now is the way to enable firewall and automatic update