Rundll popup on start up: Problem starting winrkr32.rom.
Could not find the module


Since the past couple weeks I get this pop up every time start my laptop. Its a HP Pav dv6t Windows 7.
The pop up's title is Rundll. The message box contain message saying that "Problam starting winrkr32.rom Problem laoding the module" ( or module could not be found)..
It stays till i do not press OK.

I googled and there were almost no results for this. had listed winrkr32 as a dangerous trogen - so i downloaded and installed that too ! but the scan did not help either!

A search in the system for file names like winrkr32 gives no result :(

I think it all began when i downloaded some games (duh!). deleted all games but this stayed :(:( I am inclined to think that it is a virus or spyware.
Please suggest / advice what could i do to get rid of this.

Thanks a lot,
Him. J

PS: (i shall update the thread with the screenshot shortly :( ) .. thanks again.

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