I have been using Musicmatch and 360 share pro for years. Now when I want to play a song that I have downloaded from 360 and want to play it with MM.I have to download Media Gateway for the musicmatch license. The problem with that is the one time I did that my computer got a virus. So is Media Gateway really just a scam that hides virus's , spyware and malware. Is there anyway around Media Gateway's License for Musicmatch

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The website you speak of 360 share is KNOWN to be a very malicious website known for its malicious content and viruses.
It is listed as such by http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/360share.cn
malwaredomains.com as one of the worst websites on the net.
Also by requesting a means to get "around Media Gateway's License for Musicmatch" you are asking members here to provide you a way to violate the law. This is not condoned here and is not tolerated.

Not condoned and not tolerated- pretty high and mighty- the reason I asked is because I thought the license was a scam or a front for virus's . I have used the program for years and only run into trouble when getting the Media Gateway License . I don't think media Gateway is Law abiding it seems they are scammers.

Honestly don't care whether you think that Not condoned and not tolerated is pretty high and mighty
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Now, FYI according to wikipedia.org. On September 14, 2004 Yahoo! announced that it was going to acquire Musicmatch. The acquisition was completed on October 19, 2004. In September 2008, Y!Music Musicmatch went out of business. As of Musicmatch 10.1, Yahoo! branding was incorporated. The former logo has been replaced by a pure Yahoo! purple logo, and the Y! Music logo replaces the location of the Musicmatch logo elsewhere in the product. Registration keys for Musicmatch Jukebox Plus still function. However no new versions of Musicmatch (or Yahoo! Jukebox) are available for download.
So your question concerning this Media Gateway is likely a scam.

I had already contacted yahoo and they say they have nothing to do with MM any more. Who does ? You seem to be missing the point. I was trying to find out who owns media gateway- Google pointed me in your direction. Who ever owns Media Gateway is implanting malware, spyware and other nasties when you download the license. When I have downloaded music with no license no problem. Only professional computer programmers have the knowledge to implant this crap in the license. Maybe it's a conspiracy by the American record companies

I am NOT missing your point. I am telling you there are NO listings for a company called Media Gateway, I cannot drag them out of thin air if links do not exist for the company. It is one part of the scam from that website that told you you had to download this Media Gateway...it is THAT website that is attempting to pull off the scam

So whatever original web site told you that you had to download Media Gateway is the culprit. Nobody else, THEM, THEY are Media Gateway, even it it isn't a real company.

Registration keys supposedly for Musicmatch Jukebox Plus still function so there would be no reason to download anything.
Nobody owns Music Match anymore...did you read my post?
Music Match is out of business. And there is NO company called MEDIA GATEWAY.

Right now I am listening to MM every day I use. Please tell me how it still functions and Media Gateway is coming from MM- the place that doesn't exist anymore. I guess it's beamed down from another planet- you have been a big help

Look, I am not messing with this anymore. No matter what I hav stated you have argued. Why don't you do your own searching instead of asking others to do it for you and then arguing about every piece of information that is found.

Why google would have sent you here I have no idea because this website has nothing to do with MusicMatch or this alleged company Media Gateway.

I all ready told you the program functions...the PROGRAM MusicMatch, which is much different than the BUSINESS, the website whatever. I never said it wouldn't I clearly stated what I found on the net that the PROGRAM functions, that means it still works in case you don't understand English.
Now be on your merry way to play your pirated music. This thread is closed.