plzz people help me!! i got a lot of viruses from the pendrive of my friend and removed them all by using eset nod32 but some sort of web virus was still left due to which google chrome stopped working and loading any of the pages. also when i used opera browser for browsing pages i get a blank page along with the page i open saying that

"You are about to go to an address containing username" and some annoying popup now and then!!

also when i shutdown my computer there is a tab that says "End process Explorer.exe"
i ma really fed up of this now and i do not want 2 format my system as it contains loads of imp files(big ones),so kindly suggest me a spyware remover that will get rid of all these problems!!

w8in for ur replies!!

Thanxx in advance!!

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Hi and welcome to daniweb, We need more information, your operating system for instance. You should do the scans found in our Read Me sticky

Copy/paste the logs back here and we will be happy to offer further assistance.

One thing to check is go to your Control Panel and open Internet Options.
Go to the Connections Tab and be certain that click on the LAN button at the bottom. Be sure there are NO check marks in any boxes on that page. If there are, remove them.

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