ive done the scans asked on first page and here are the logs any help would be much appricated

having problems uploading


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We prefer the logs be copy/pasted rather than uploading so next time please do that. You failed to update MBA-M before running the scan. As of writing of this post the current database is 4893. Please update MBA-M and run a new Full Scan with it. Have it Remove all items found, REBOOT the computer and come back here and copy/paste the log.
It would help us if you would clearly state the problems you are experiencing then we could better offer assistance.

Hi thanks for the reply I'll try updating software first the problem I have if that the laptop with the problem will not connect to Internet.
Brief explanation on what happen my mom was showing my sister something on YouTube and laptop was a bit slow so my sister deleted Internet history and that was all she said she done after that the laptop, worked fine my mom turn it off later on. When she turned it on next morning it wouldn't connect to Internet when I had a look firewall was disabled mcaffe was disabled so I ran maleware bytes and if found 6 infections it removed them now but will sti not connec to internet hope that helped a bit if anymore questions or anymore information just ask thank you

Try this and see if you can connect. Go to the Control Panel, choose Internet Options. Open the Connections Tab. Then click LAN settings button at the bottom. See if there are any check marks in there, if there are Remove them and click Ok. Then Click Apply and close Internet Options. Reboot the computer and see if you can get online.
Was MBA-M all ready on the computer or did you install it via a flash drive?

Hi thanks for that soon as I get home I'll try that one I installed it of flash drive about 3-4 weeks ago cheers

Another thing I forgot to mention the login style and the scrrr
Had changed to old style grey start menu and to login I have to type username then the password where normally I had the blue windows xp screen when you can click your user area then type password cheers

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