For the last few weeks, many of the people who have sent me e-mails have received the automatic response of "replace:vacationEnabled". I'm assuming this is some kind of setting in Outlook for when you are out of the office but I can't find any solution. I've done a Google search for this phrase and nothing significant has appeared. Any ideas out there. I am using Outlook with Windows98.

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Any ideas out there. I am using Outlook with Windows98.

I haven't used Outlook in many years, but if I remember correctly, this setting can be toggled on or off using the Out Of Office Assistant under the Tools menu in Outlook.
Or, have you tried that already?

I'm pretty sure that is where to enable/disable the feature, but I could be mistaken....

Best Luck :)

Also check with your email provider. I know my ISP offers that if one wants to use it.

For some reason, Outlook no longer has the "Out of Office Assistant" tool and I couldn't find any other tool for this situation. I'll check with my ISP to see if they have it.

I checked with our ISP and they had a vacation feature that had been enabled. Appears to solve the problem.

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