For the past month I have had google links redirecting me to other sitess. It will do this for about weeks, until it eventually causes my computer to have tons of errors, and things disappear, making the reboot it, go into safemode, and select a past restore date. After I restore it to before the issue occured, it still happens. Is there anyway to find out what exactly is causing it, and get rid of it, without paying to upgrade my Norton? If not, is it a guarantee that if I do upgrade it, that it will take care of the problem?

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The very firs question is to know why is this happening.
I you have a virus, trojan, or any other malware, you must clean-up your computer first.

Is not guranteed that upgrading Norton will 'repair' your issue, but is guaranteed that if you still not updated, is easy to get a malware installed on your computer.

I would suggest to take your disk and attach as secondary in a clean computer with an updated antivirus. Then do a full scan of your disk and select the delete option if any infected file is found.

Then remount your disk in your PC and start in safe mode.
Verify wich Add-ins are placed in your browser and disable all of them.
Restart your ccomputer in normal mode.
Run the msconfig.exe utility (usually in the windows/system32 folder (or PCHEALT/bin)) and go to the startup tab, and disable all the startup programs.
Restart your computer start the msconfig.exe utility again and verify the Services running; note them, and verify the real utility of each running service. If is not really needed, disable (and note it). Restart once more.
Apply all the Windows Update pending patches. Restart as many times as needed until all are applied.
Renew you antivirus or uninstall it and install the free Essentials from Microsoft.
Do a full scan again.

Then Uninstall all the bars and internet accelerators. You do not need them.
Finally, re-enable one by one all the services you disabled, and verify the behavior of the enabled service before enabling the next.
If every thing is ok, try to re-enable the browser add-ins, one by one, verifying their behaviour before enabling the next one.

Finally, hopefully, you'll have a clean computer.

Hope this helps

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