I was just browsing this forum and noticed a member by the name of jhay116 has been very helpful within the past couple of days, and I just wanted to thank him and all of the other great mods and folk in the Windows forums who devote their time and energy to helping people fix up their computers. jhay had email and PMs all disabled so I thought I might as well acknowledge him publically. Thanks everyone!

... and Dave, and Demented, and tayspen, and ..., and ........... and please forgive me if I leave your name out :)

Hmmm... looks like Dani and I are posting at the same time...

How's winter on The Island, Dani?

Glad I could help out :).

lol. Everyone cluster around the Thank You Thread! :mrgreen:

Lol thanks alot...if only I was good at this stuff...Ive learned by watchin all u guys. Also, I'd have a membership to ure site, Dani, BUT...I'm not even old enough to have a credit card :mrgreen:

Thanks again, anytime I can help I do.

I do what I can, between bouncing across 10 forums and working on my own site I'm pretty slammed.

Great site here and alot of great people :)