Today I was working on my home Pc. As I work my 2nd job from home. I was working away and clicked some random news site and all of a sudden Mcfee says they have blocked a trojan, and then get a little box pops up wanting me to approve windows to run something I click no and keep working. The box keeps popping up. <br Mind you the

 `internet is working fine at thi

internet is working fine at this point. I restart my PC in safe mode with networking, to run a virus scan. I notice my internet now is not working. I restart in normal mode, and to my horror the internet dose not work there either. I really know very little about PC's so any help would be great. I did try system restore but it froze up after a hour so clicked restart to take me back to safe mode. I'm running a virus scan and malwarebytes scan now. But I'm stressing out I have work that has to be done asap, and I really dont want to go buy a new PC if I dont have to.As of now I have no internet and my Mcfee says buffer over flow checking off.... Thanks alot all.

Try 'Safe Mode with Networking' this should load up a very clean windows yet have connectivity. If this works, then something got loaded on your machine that is interfering. You could use MSCONFIG to turn off all startup items, then turn 1 on, reboot, test, turn on the 2nd, reboot, test, etc.... until you find the bad application....

Malwarebytes is the way to go right now. Use safe mode with network to load MWB to get the full update before scanning.

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