ok so the OS is windows 7 and here is whats happening.

he caught it once and we were able to remove it but we cant do it by the same means this time,

anyways heres what its doing..

Taskmanager is dissabled.
Desktop is gone,
no start bar,

everytime we try to go into safe mode as soon as we log in it restarts. so safe mode is out of the question.

a white screen pops up for 2 secounds in normal mode. and if you hit the power button to shut it off u can see all the stuff running in the background like AVG and HITMAN saying its infected then restarts.

it was if i remember
trojan cryptik.H

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Ok, You have a few options.

Option 1 (If you have your windows 7 disk and another system to use):
1. Download ubuntu and create a bootable flash drive. Put this into your PC and boot from it. On ubuntu look for a file named something along the lines of '2.exe', this will be the trojan.

Option 2:
- Buy a second HDD
- Install the second HDD
- Remove the SATA cable out of the HDD with the virus on it - this is only temporarily.
- Boot your PC with a windows disk or linux disk.
- Install the OS on your PC.
- When the OS is installed turn off your PC
- Put the SATA cable back into the other HDD but make sure your booting from the one without the virus on.
- When booted from the clean HDD, navigate to my computer
- Copy all the data you want from the HDD onto the new one
- Format the infected HDD
- Re-install windows on your original HDD.

There will be other methods but these are the ones i can think of off the top of my head. Hope this helps - mat.

If I come across a PC this bad I always reach for my Linux USB stick. I use f-prot anitvirus and perform a full scan of the Windows hard drive. This way there is no interference from the Windows OS while the culpret is being identifed and removed. I have to say, from your description, I'd be preparing to extract any valuable data from the drive and have my Windows install disc ready.

http://www.freedrweb.com/livecd/?lng=en download this ISO install to a disc dvd and then boot from dvd and do a full scan it will find al the hidden nasties-Dr.Web LiveCD will clean your computer of infected and suspicious files, help you copy important information to a removable data storage device or another computer, and then attempt to cure infected objects. good luck

this happens mostly when you are using antivirus and antivirus detect the virus on system drive and get deleted so this all happen,....

now there is nothing can be done as safe mode is not working for you...
so You just reformat and install Windows 7 ...

if safemode is working then use Registry Fixer in it so and then uninstall all the data from uninstaller (except system files)

What is the model of your system?

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