this keeps popping up in a separate tabe in Google Chrome.
Yesterday, it had a cartoon picture of a curvaceous woman with brown skin and blond hair whose teeth were being extracted with a pliers. Underneath the pliers was the caption: "Belief"

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Looks like a phishing attempt - since it keeps popping up in Chrome, it is likely a virus you already contracted that is causing the popups. You can try disabling popups in Chrome (not hard to do), but I suspect that the malware already on your system will block that... Have you run at least 2 different anti-virus scanners on your system? What A/V are you currently using?

iv been haveing the same problem for quite some time. Same thing happening only diffrent ad's or the ad's will change. Iv done every v/s though avast and have done it frequently. avast dose not delet malwear so i did a seperet test just for that and detected alot. After getting rid of the malwear i thought that would solve the problem but guess whats back up on my computer... yepp same stuff. Oh and every once in a while it will pull up an add in internet exsloper as well. even though i dont use that browser often. Now my question is... has this been link to a certin type of file or virus? Is there any known possible way of hunting this down and stoping it other then what iv already done? I do want to mention that this has been happening for a few months now and my computer is still running fine and as fast as the first day i bought it. so i dont feel its a BIG threat. Just really annoying.

Thank you, Rubberman. Jessica 4 - glad to know i'm not alone with this problem. I have only been running Microsoft Anti-virus. will try a few other anti-virus scanners and see if they can get rid of it. again thanks for your help.

You can disable popups in chrome. See if that helps.

I just updated my avast anti virus and downloaded malwarebytes Anti-malware 1.7. did this about 2 days ago and i havent had that problem again since. and it use to be a dayly pop up. Google the anti-malware and try that. Iv had popups disabled in chrome and it still happened. so hopefully this dose the trick for you as it did for me.

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