i play games that need java to run the games yesterday they all worked fine today none of them work my wife used the computer while i was asleep last night and she gets alot of viruses on the computer sometimes idk how but thats not my problem atm i redownloaded java to see if i could get it to work and it doesnt java is disabled it says and tells me to go to java control panel to enable it but java control panel doesnt open i tried going threw the program files and opening it that way however it gives me a access denied

i have never seen that problems before

last time i uninstalled java it told me that it was disabled and to go to java control panel but control panel wont open and when i go to the program files i get access denied but ill try it again

my sfc/scannow just finished it found corrupt files but was unable to fix them says details are avalible (here) and i went there and got another access denied

30 seconds into scan it picked up 4 items i will update when its done

after doing all that still no fix same problem

can anyone remote access to see if they can find the problem?

Not on your liife!
Try this tool, JavaRa:
Update it, use the Remove section to clean (select your java from the list box and press Uninstall, then Next to complete the cleaning), and reinstall as you follow on with the process. I recommend the Manual Installation option.
JavaRa will run in Safe mode, also.