Ok so here's the breakdown...

  • I have never installed Wajam
  • I never wanted Wajam
  • I'm not sure what keeps installing it, my guess so far is there is a background process running that I don't know about that keeps installing Wajam
  • One clue might be is that sometimes out of the blue a command prompt window will popup and then dissapear almost instantly. I can't remember the title of the window. Also whenever Wajam is installed it opens a webpage that has to do with "FastandFreeDownloads"

Any ideas... I have had to go to Conrol Panel and uninstall Wajam so many times. It's really starting to become frustrating.

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What browser are you using? Check for any extension that may have been installed and remove that.

Download the free version of malwarebytes anti-malware (https://www.malwarebytes.org/mwb-download/) and set that upon it, usually does the trick.

Ah ha! its Adware adware very tricky to remove adware well not really there just annoying stuff that pops up all the time.
I recommend trying to go into your Program files and uninstalling this. if not missed since this automatically deletes its uninstaller.

1: Download Malwarebytes if this doesnt work try SpyHunter this will check and see if you got the malware installed.

2: this can be uninstalled through control panel add or remove programs.
if you get an error message try closing all web browsers and try again.

3: reset all browsers if you have chrome
1: open chrome
2: click on browser menu three bars in top right corner
3: select settings menu option
4: Find a thing called show advance settings
5: scroll down all the way and click reset browser settings and click reset
restart browser by opening again.

if you have IE Internet Explorer:
open Internet Explorer
1: click on settings wrench icon in top right corner
2: click on internet options
3: click on advanced tab
4: Find reset button and click it
5: click on delete personal settings
click reset
reset browser by opening again

if you have mozilla Firefox:
Open Mozilla Firefox
1: click menu tabs three bars in top right corner
2: select help and trouble shooting information
3: Click on restart firefox
click reset to confirm
click finish to restart firefox

If you want more tools to try out try SuperAntiSpyware Removal tool or junkware removal tool which are these links:
2: http://www.superantispyware.com/
If all dont work well at least i tried to help you so good luck and hope everything goes well for you.

Regards RobertHDD
PS it is recommended for junkware Removal tool to clean this up
If this doesnt work online and it reinstalls try tryin it offline.

Ok so I ended up doing a full scan with MalwareBytes and it removed 216 threats! I overlooked them and saw a lot from Wajam, conduit, trojan, basically everything that likes to be a bug crawling through your computer. I believe the problem is fixed. So thanks a lot to you guys. It's been really bugging me ;) (please excuse my puns)

Another Question Solved by me remember stay safe till then RobertHDD out remember conduit is annoying and hard to fix and get rid of but with my advice its gonna be easy I hope you have a wonderful time!

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